Beginner Courses.

Here is a list of all of our beginner courses. To see full details of each course and get started with the courses, simply click the ‘see details’ button when hovering over the image. 

Guitar Revolution

Master the basics in no time!

Rock Guitar Secrets

Learn to jam with the greats.

Acoustic Guitar Mastery 1

Love acoustic? You’ll love this!

Acoustic Guitar Mastery 2

Less strumming more fingerstyle.

Beginners Guide

43 page beginners guide.

Lead Guitar Secrets

Learn to solo like the pros!

Barre Chord Mastery 1

Chords Accross The Neck

Barre Chord Mastery 2

Professional Level Chords

Welcome to...

The Academy

The Academy Project

Our intermediate section to the site is a monthly membership that will develop every side of your guitar playing, all the way up to a pro level. Each month we will send you the courses (a sample of a few shown below), which are perfectly arranged in order of skill level, leveling up each time. Click on any of the projects below to find out more about the Academy Project.

The Cream Of Clapton

Master the Eric Clapton in Cream style with this crossroads inspired study.

Inside Out Pentatonics

Master these fantastic scales across the neck in all 5 positions.

Mayer Magic

We take a look at John Mayers super cool lead and rhythm style.

Captivating CAGED Chords

We enter the world of Major CAGED chords and master all 5 shapes.

Rollin’ With Keith

Keith Richards is a true master of CAGED chord riffs & Pentatonic lead, perfect for us to analysie.

The Sweet Sound Of Major

We turn our minor pentatonic shapes into major & learn beautiful melodic phrasing.

That is just the first 6 months worth of content. After that it just gets better and better…