Hey guys, Dan here! I am the biggest fan of Christmas, and each year I try to do something with my businesses that really gives back to my community of amazing guitar students.

We really do feel the love from each student who takes our courses, and I get an enormous kick out of hearing from students who have overcome massive hurdles and guitar-related struggles.

We’ve now helped thousands of students overcome their biggest guitar struggles and learn to enjoy the journey, and take that leap into the next stages of their guitar skills! Playing in bands, performing to family, learning that solo (and actually understanding it!)… these are all dreams that we have helped become a reality.

I want to do something special for you guys this Christmas.

When I say special, I really mean it. Not just special… Epic, wonderful, enormous, beyond reason, and any other way to describe this offer.

We have 30 incredible courses on our website as you may well know. Everything from an absolute beginner, all the way up to an advanced level.

Seriously, this website alone can take you from Day 1 of your learning, all the way up to smashing out Jimmy Page licks with great ease! Whatever your goal as a player is, you’ll find the structured learning you need right here.

So, if you were to go ahead and buy every single course, plus the Intermediate subscription service (taking you up to an advanced level), you would be spending at least $1164. This brings me to our offer:

For 4 days only, we’re offering all of our courses (worth a total of $1164) for just $97.

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… I did say it would be a ridiculous Christmas offer! That’s lifetime access as well guys. You have all of them, forever.

So, the rules. Very simple.

You buy by Monday at midnight, before the offer disappears, or you miss out.

It will disappear. Why? Well, doing this more than once in a blue moon would take us out of business! 😂

So there we have it. I don’t want to overcomplicate this. You will have access to our entire website of courses, forever, for 92% full value.

These courses are the best on the web, and no matter your current level we have something for you.

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If you need further convincing, here is a cool video highlighting a range of our courses!

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So, you’re getting…

To make it absolutely clear, you are getting the following courses: