50 Backing tracks for just $15!!

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4 days only…

Hey guys, Dan here! This weekend I wanted to offer you guys something very special!

Over the years we’ve created some incredible backing tracks, which we’ve sold with our courses, separately and even in mini bundles of 5 or so. We love making jam tracks!

Jam tracks are the best way to take your licks & scale learning, and start to mould them into your own playing and your own style. Jamming is a truly creative experience, and my first piece of advice to any student looking to improve lead is to allow at least 50% of your practice time to jam!

In fact, we believe so much in this process, that today we have a very special offer that will prove to you that this process really works.

We’ve put together our biggest ever backing track bundle!

If you’re going to really benefit from moulding your licks over jam tracks, you really need to have a large base of jam tracks, that are quality, reliable and clearly divided into key and genre.

This will allow you to creatively bounce between the styles, depending on your mood and what you’re learning.

So, if you were to go ahead and buy every single one of these jam tracks individually, you would be spending at least $60. This brings me to our offer:

For the next 4 days only, we’re selling 50 incredible backing tracks (worth a total of $60) for just $15. That’s an enormous 75% off, with each backing track costing just 30 cents!.

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… Pretty amazing right!

So, the rules. Very simple.

You buy in the next 4 days before the offer disappears, or you miss out.

So there we have it. 50 backing tracks, all recorded by proper musicians, organised by key and genre, available to download instantly after purchase. All that, for 75% off the normal price!

As always you have a complete 90 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the epic jam tracks for any reason, no worries! Drop us a quick email and we’ll refund you instantly!

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